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Con Akkolens LuminaProf. Jorge Alio has participated in a major surgical session on a new accommodative lens (Akkolens Lumina), which was implanted as part of the clinical study exclusively developed by the Vissum Resbiomed clinic in Sofia (Bulgaria), under the direction of Prof. Alio as surgeon, and Drs Alexander Angelov, Lilia Riazkova and Mariya Kapurdova as immediate contributors.

This important clinical study has confirmed the ability to restore accommodation (the ability to zoom in) by means of cataract surgery with this new intraocular lens, since all previous attempts had failed.

The good results were already presented at the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOK 2014) in Tokyo, although the trial has reached its goal after the last patients have undergone surgery. The study will continue for several years to track each case, and now an international multicenter study under the auspices of a major multinational in the field will begin.