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2015-07-29 07.29.00Professor Jorge Alio participated in the 10th IIIC Heritage Retreat, which took place in Gleneagles, Edinburgh, from 22d to 28th July. It is the most exclusive seven-days forum on cataract surgery, organized by the International Intraocular Implant Club. This meeting brought together some of the world´s foremost experts in intraocular surgery, such as Warren E. Hill, Simon P. Holland, Brian C. Little, Stephen S. Lane and Jorge Alio himself.

On the second day, Dr. Alio gave a lecture entitled “New accommodative Intraocular Lenses”, which was focused on the latest developments on accommodative intraocular lenses. The lecture was followed by an interesting discussion on the topic.

The congress was also attended by Professor Roper Hall, a prominent figure in ophthalmology. Roper Hall was a direct witness of the first operations performed by Dr. Harold Ridley, the creator of the first intraocular lens implanted in a human eye. 91-year-old professor is the last of that generation of medical pioneers and founders of modern cataract surgery.

«Achieving emmetropia: our legacy and our future» was the slogan of this conference, aimed at the exchange of views on the history, current practice and future of intraocular implants. Besides, it has also provided attendees the opportunity to participate in tourism, cultural and sports activities.