My teaching and medical research activity has taken me to many places in the world. Currently we have created stable medical and surgical cooperation links, as well as research with our centers in Kuwait (Beverly Hills Clinic – Vissum Kuwait) and Bulgaria, in our clinic in Sofia (Resbiomed Vissum), in addition we have collaboration agreements with professional groups in Egypt, the Gulf Area and China and extending to other countries in the Middle East and Asia.

The high number of patients from other destinations, including the Gulf Area, has led to the opening of the Vissum-Kuwait clinic, in the Beverly Hills medical center. It is the Kuwait centre and is run directly by Dr Alio and attends all patients from Kuwait and the Gulf area.

In 2009 activity started in Sofia thanks to Dr Alio’s close relationship with Dr. Alexander Angelov, developing and creating a center whose mission is to provide the highest eye care in eastern Europe together with clinical research, in particular into new intraocular lenses.