Throughout my career I have developed research and innovation whose main goal has always been to improve the diagnosis and treatment of my patients through a better understanding of the diseases, the creation of new technologies, new practices and new surgical implants. This creativity has enabled me, among other important advances, to be a pioneer worldwide in Microincisional cataract surgery, in the treatment of corneal diseases with autologous platelet-rich plasma, in the development of new concepts of accommodative lenses for presbyopia and developing new corneal ablation profiles for the treatment of presbyopia refractive surgery.

Since the beginning my main lines of research have been refractive surgery ( myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia ), cataract surgery, corneal surgery ( corneal transplantation , keratoconus , inflammation ), with a special interest for many years in immunology and inflammation of the eye.

My current research interests are in the treatment of corneal diseases such as keratoconus , innovation in refractive surgery to achieve better results in the correction of myopia and hyperopia , presbyopia correction with laser surgery or intraocular lenses , tissue engineering by regenerating corneal stem cells and corneal transplant surgery .

My research, development and innovation has resulted in a large number of papers published in scientific journals and books, to which you have access through the CV section of this page.

If you have any suggestions and you are an ophthalmologist, you may use the private area for professionals on this page, or if you are a patient interested in our research, the patient area.

Thank you for your interest in our R + D + I activities

Professor Dr. Jorge L. Alió
Professor of Ophthalmology
Miguel Hernandez University
President Vissum Corporation Ophthalmology