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El doctor Jorge Alió en su despacho

El doctor Jorge Alió en su despachoThe professor is the only Spanish author named in the study by the prestigious journal ‘Medical Hypothesis, Discovery & Innovation in Ophthalmology’

Doctor Jorge Alió has passed a new milestone in his long professional career by being named as the only Spanish representative among the 100 most-cited authors in ophthalmologic research in the history of ophthalmology. The Professor of Ophthalmology at Miguel Hernández University (UMH) in Elche is ranked 45 in the world according to a recent study published in the prestigious journal ‘Medical Hypothesis, Discovery & Innovation in Ophthalmology. This achievement highlights the importance and influence of Spanish ophthalmology on the international scene. Dr Alió has already been recognised as one of the best doctors in Spain in Forbes magazine’s ‘Best Doctors Spain’.

The work of bibliometric research, which includes Dr Alió—who is also Scientific Director of the Vissum ophthalmology clinics (Miranza Group)—as a highly reputed ophthalmologist, analyses the academic achievements, professional careers, scientific publications and demographic backgrounds of the 100 most-cited authors in ophthalmologic literature. The research method was based on an observational cross-sectional study, building a database containing every ophthalmology journal article from 1967 to 2018, using Scopus journal article information.

The study, carried out by doctors Cameron Clarke, Eric Reuben Smith, David Wilde, Brian Doss, Robert Bodily and Michael Singer, concluded that, of the 100 most-cited ophthalmologists, 56 practise in the United States. While only 12 are female, they were more likely to author high impact journal articles and participate in more influential research.

Medical Hypothesis, Discovery & Innovation in Ophthalmology was founded in 2012 as a quarterly international journal of articles related to ophthalmology. It follows ICMJE and WAME ethical principles and its review system is based on the double-blind method where the identities of the reviewer and the author are not revealed to the reviewers, and vice-versa, throughout the review process. Its aim is to present a means of scientific communication for researchers in the field of ophthalmology. The journal is published by the International Virtual Ophthalmic Research Center (IVORC) and is of interest to a wide audience of scientists. It publishes original articles, reviews, case reports, discoveries, new treatment methods, innovative instruments and vision science manuscripts full of creativity and ideas.