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Dr. Jorge Alió is one of the authors of the articleCosmetic iris implants pose high risk of vision loss‘, which has been published in the prestigious magazine ‘Ophthalmology Times‘. This publication was awarded by the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) at its meeting in New Orleans last year 2021. Its content shows the risks of this method to change the apparent color of the eyes.

In a recent article published in ‘Ophthalmology and Therapy’ (Cosmetic Change of the Apparent Color of the Eye: A Review on Surgical Alternatives, Outcomes and Complications. Ophthalmol Therapy. 2022 Apr;11(2):465-477), Francesco D ‘Oria, Sabat K Abu-Mustafa and Jorge L Alió gave a scientific presentation on the different methods available for changing the apparent color of the eye, such as artificial iris implants, laser and keratopigmentation. This investigation showed that the last one, keratopigmentation, is the only one of the three that has safe and reliable results. Cosmetic iris implants are a bad practice that inevitably leads to the loss of the vision, and in several cases, to the development of glaucoma and cornea transplant.