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The online meeting ‘Refractive Surgery, Cataract and Cornea’, directed by Prof. Alió and organized by ‘Alicante Refractiva Internacional (ARI)’ and the Miguel Hernández University, will be held on October 28th, 29th and 30th

Professionals can now submit their clinical cases to this meeting that will feature more than 75 national and international experts

The XIX Alicante Refractive International Meeting (ARI) gets started with the opening of the registration period at for the online meeting on ‘Refractive surgery, Cataract and Cornea‘, directed by Dr. Jorge Alió, and featuring more than 75 world experts. It is a unique opportunity for ophthalmologists to discover the latest developments in the vision sciences areas. This new edition will be extended an extra day to include a special section on Optometry, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Technology. This additional day is going to be focused on Clinical Optometry and the presentation of the latest developments in Technology applied to the subspecialty of Refractive Surgery, Cataract and Cornea, which will be held on the afternoon of October 28th. This way, on October 28th, 29th and 30th Vissum Ophthalmology Institute of Alicante (Miranza Group) will host an event with more speakers, scientific sessions and clinical cases. 

It has designed a complete program, with 60 national and 16 international speakers from countries as Germany, Australia, Egypt, Slovenia, the United States, France, Holland, Italy and the United Kingdom, among others, so both junior and senior Anterior Segment surgeons can obtain the latest advances in the field of Ocular Surgery. This large panel of specialists doubles the number of the one from the previous edition. As a novelty, there will be also eleven scientific sessions, six more than last year. For the first time, ARI-UMH 2021 will leave open the presentation of clinical cases in the Special Session, where any attendee can participate. These are recorded presentations of a maximum duration of five minutes, which, after discussion, are evaluated by experts for five more minutes.

ARI-UMH 2021 is aimed at professionals in training and in practice, who are looking to update their knowledge of clinical optometry and new technologies, as well as to keep up to date with the latest ophthalmological, clinical, and surgical advances. With this congress, they will also receive comprehensive training in the subspecialty of the Anterior Segment, including Cataract Surgery, Cornea and Refractive Surgery. The meeting program will be developed during three days, and will consist of five thematic areas based on the latest and most innovative topics of Optometry and New Diagnostic Technologies (1st area), Cornea and Ocular Surface (2nd area), Video Surgery (3rd area), Refractive Surgery (4th area), and the Crystalline Lens and Intraocular Lens Surgery (5th area).


This course, which has a global impact, offers 500 teaching hours in multimedia format and is taught entirely in English. It is an extension of the Miguel Hernández University Specialization Degree Course in Refractive, Cornea and Lens Surgery. It has an international recognition by the International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS), the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), and Oftared, (Instituto de Salud Carlos III). The course has been taught for six years already, under the direction of the Professor Jorge Alió, together with a distinguished group of national and international collaborators.

ARI-UMH 2021 is also coordinated by doctors Jorge Alió del Barrio, Francisco Arnalich, José Luis Güell, David Piñero and Francisco Poyales. It is the perfect educational complement to the ‘Refractive, Cornea and Lens Surgery International Online Course‘, mentioned above. With more than 500 graduates, it is a recognized University Specialist Degree, with an official certificate issued by the UMH at the correct finalization of the course. Its academic program is divided into seven modules that will provide a deep knowledge on the latest surgical techniques regarding the refractive, cornea, cataract and lens surgery fields, and takes an approximate amount of six months to cover.

It is the first Course in the field of Refractive Surgery, completely taught in English, and completely online, so it can meet the timetable needs of all interested professionals. For further information visit the webpage: